Kids Vote 2012

Romney wins with 49.5%!  Obama gets 46.4%. 

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Voting is done!

We have a total vote count and a breakdown by school district.

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Adults will offer many excuses for not voting in this year's Presidential election.

Kids Vote 2012 is your chance to be heard.  We want every K-12 student in Clark County, Washington to vote for President.  Many of you will vote as part of your Civics or US History class curriculum.  You'll be given a special edition of the Voter's Pamphlet and a paper ballot prepared by the Clark County Elections department.  Otherwise, you'll vote electronically through this web site.

Adults do a lot of that when talking about government.

Kids Vote 2012 is a way for your voice to be heard.  You can vote in a Social Studies class (ask your teacher) or through this web site.  The Vote Here tab goes live when the General election voting begins on October 15 and shuts down at 8 pm on November 6.
Don't forget to vote!

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